Mini vs Regular Spoons: A Compare and Contrast Guide

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Regular teaspoons and tablespoons were designed with good intentions. They’re meant to be useful for scooping and measuring individual grains and liquids, but how often have regular spoons let you down because they are simply too large for your consumption needs or don’t measure things as accurately as you would like. Enter the mini spoons. Mini spoons don’t only do the job regular spoons were never designed to do; they also look a million times better. In this guide, we do a thorough compare and contrast.

Weight Loss

It’s hard to lose weight; we all know that. Maybe you’ve tried some new-fangled technology, a fit-bit on your wrist that promises to be a personal trainer but isn’t convincing enough in the morning, or sneakers that guarantee you will cover more distance on your runs but simply don’t deliver. There’s no need to go to such extreme lengths to lose weight; there is a more natural way – mini spoons.

The Dark Side Of The Spoon mini spoons might be the same sort of shape as an ordinary spoon, but they are way smaller. They are not even the size of a teaspoon, and you can imagine how small those are. Our mini spoons are so small you could probably only manage to put a small amount of sand in them. That might not be too useful for your weight loss, but that’s not their only possibility.

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Use our mini spoons to reduce your weight by massively decreasing your consumption of soup, milk, yoghurt, chocolate dessert, rice, pudding, cereal, gravy, ice-cream, and more. Our portable, use anywhere spoons, are the perfect weight loss companion. We can guarantee that if you try a weight loss diet using mini spoons, you will notice a difference in weeks. So dump your Fitbit and buy a mini spoon.

Eating From Mini Containers

The situation is familiar to most people. You go on a picnic with the family and find a sweet spot in the local park or down on the beach. All is well. The kids are flying kites, and the wife is preparing the scones and jam. At moments like this you think, yes, life is good. But what happens when you have an intense craving for a chocolate dessert? The good news is you brought the chocolate desserts with you; the bad news is you’ve only got tablespoons to use.

The Dark Side Of The Spoon mini spoons are designed not to be as large as tablespoons. That’s their purpose in some ways. Every utensil has its primary purpose; forks are used for sticking things, primarily, knives are used for cutting jobs, mainly, spoons are used for eating chocolate pudding, but not if the pots are too small.

If the craving you have for the chocolate pudding is very strong, you might start acting a bit strange. You might, for instance, begin to get annoyed by small things such as the weather, or the conversation. Your sense of dissatisfaction could potentially ruin the entire afternoon. Lucky for you, your wife brought a mini spoon from Dark Side Of The Spoons. It even has your favourite Star Wars character twisted into the handle. These mini spoons are perfect for eating chocolate puddings in small containers, and other small pets.

Reducing Sugar Intake

Are you a runner, cyclist, athlete, gymnast, curler, skier, or another fitness fanatic. If you are the chances are you pay pretty close attention to your diet and what goes into your body. An athletes’ food, after all, can be the difference between winning, losing, or beating your personal best. The margins are excellent, and achieving the exact balance of protein, carbs, and sugars are all-important.

The Dark Side Of The Spoon mini spoons are exceptionally small. They are so little it is unlikely you will find anything like them, even on the internet. Not only are they unusually low, but the mini spoons are also custom-designed in some cases. In other cases, you can buy ones that we have developed ourselves from our imagination. In either case, you can have one or many mini spoons that also look fantastic.

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Using mini spoons for your athletic diet has many advantages. Firstly, you can have many more of them than your ordinary world spoons since they are excellent at fitting into small spaces. Secondly, and most importantly, the mini spoon will only give you a small measure of sugar for your protein shake or other nutrient drink. Gone are the days of using tablespoons for this, the high sugar content has no doubt been holding you back.

Magic Tricks

We know the feeling. You’ve set up your performance with meticulous detail. It might be in your house or apartment after dinner to impress your friends, or maybe a more formal occasion, in the town hall or at a music festival. The display is set up; all of the magic tricks are under the table. Maybe you’re wearing your hat and cloak, or perhaps you’re dressed less formally. For the grand finale, you whip out a spoon – a tablespoon. But lo and behold, everyone has seen that one before.  

This nightmare scenario is all too familiar, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster, The Dark Side Of The Spoon mini spoons can help. Just think how many of them you can fit into your magic table in place of that one tablespoon everyone’s seen before. They know you’ re going to hold it up and make it pretend-bend with your mind. You probably forgot you have done that one before – a thousand times.

So how can mini spoons help? For one thing, you’re not limited to just that one trick. Mini spoons can be held in one hand and made to disappear or change places. If your audience sees the mini spoon and yells, we’ve seen that one before, no problem! Simply change your plan of action in your head without anyone knowing. Impress them with a mini spoon that appears in their hand or from behind their ear. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and magical abilities.